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Understanding the VPAT Analysis and Determination Process

On Demand

In this actionable training, teams can review a supplier’s VPAT/ACR using a Standard Form with a Standard Process and arrive at a Standard, Justifiable, and Documented Conclusion.

Created by Microassist Chief Technology Officer Hiram Kuykendall

Microassist’s Understanding the VPAT Analysis and Determination Process delivers:

  • A 3-hour, online, self-paced course that results in a Course Certificate upon completion.
  • Accessible design, complimenting GSA’s 508 online accessible ICT procurement courses, with added animation, closed captions, script access, periodic knowledge checks, and a final exam.
  • Broken into easily digestible chapters for self-paced progress.
  • Exercises to focus on The VPAT 2.x 508 Edition evaluation process.
  • Also includes process for the WCAG and INT editions.
  • A proprietary VPAT Accessibility Conformance Report Evaluation Form laying out an easy-to-follow process to complete any evaluation.
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